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At present, the crises in the financial and economic system that led to the instability of the labor market and the growth of unemployment have sharply exacerbated the problem of training specialists. It is assumed that they should be functionally literate and professionally mobile, mobile, flexible and adaptive to the constantly changing social and economic conditions of life in society. Stereotypes that are now in society, actively promoted by the media and social networks have a significant impact on the younger generation. Graduates of the school are becoming more difficult to make an adequate choice of life path. Senior students have to navigate in the modern world of occupations and the labor market in conditions of instability and changeability of the latter and the dynamism of social demands on professional professionals. Future applicants should receive help and support from schools and universities in the framework of a personality-oriented approach that provides for the priority of the interests of the individual in the process of her professional self-determination, her needs and opportunities.

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